Free CAD file download for each 3D-printed component


Source code for RT system and post-processing hosted on GitHub


Google Drive  containing example data and results

3D-Printed Parts

Vehicle Antenna Bracket
Udoo Case Assembly


Example MATLAB and KML Output

All code for this project is hosted on the GitHub Site. This project is opensource and all code used for data processing and data collection on-board the UAV is made available to the public. The site contains two main folders:

  • VEHICLE: Contains files meant to be downloaded to the companion computer (located on-board the vehicle). For full setup instructions reference Companion Computer Setup.
  • POST_PROCESSING: This folder contains the MATLAB script UAVRT_main.m. This script calls the associated functions for processing flight data and I/Q radio data. Reference in code documentation and tutorial below for more information.

Example data is hosted on the UAV_RT Google Drive.

Uploaded Files

UAV-RT Hardware List (reference Materials):

UAV-RT Software Package (install instructions):

FTP Server Config File (configure instructions):

UAV Param File (configure instructions):