Small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have the promise to revolutionize a number of ecological research paradigms due to their low-cost ability to sample at previously infeasible locations and spatio-temporal resolutions. The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Radio Telemetry (UAV-RT) system is being developed to aid in field data fidelity for small-animal biologists. The UAV-RT system is a pre-engineered, low-cost unmanned aerial vehicle designed to relay and collect radio telemetry data from wildlife radio tags. The development of this system is funded through the National Science Foundation (Award 1556417).




An introduction to the UAV-RT system design and field use. See how an SDR front-end is paired with signal processing algorithms to assist in wildlife tracking.


Step-by-step build instructions available for open source use. Both software and hardware installation guidance provided.


Access to journal papers and conference presentations. Background provided on system use and signal processing.


3D-Printed files, uploaded code, and configuration files. All included for system installation and use.


Source code for radio telemetry system and post-processing scripts included on GitHub.