The UAV-RT system is developed by the Dynamic and Active Systems Lab under a National Science Foundation grant (Award 1556417). Using background knowledge from biologist and engineers, the team seeks to improve the efficiency of VHF tag localization by integrating a software defined radio (SDR) onto a unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). While current tracking methods are time consuming and require the combination of experienced trackers and manned flights, our system uses custom signal processing algorithms and autonomous flight to provide tag localization estimates.  The resulting system is documented and distributed for open source use and field adoption. This project is headed by Michael Shafer, PhD, and a team at Northern Arizona University.


The UAV-RT Team is a collection of Engineers, Ecologist, and Biologist.

Michael Shafer, Ph.D

Mechanical Engineering Lead

Project PI 

Paul Flikkema, Ph.D

Electrical Engineering Lead

Director of SICCS

Carol Chambers, Ph.D

Ecology/Biology Lead

Project Co-PI 

Gabriel Vega

Systems Development and Automation

Engineering Graduate Student

Kellan Rothfus

Vehicle Design

Engineering Graduate Student

Karin Wadsack

Program Outreach Coordinator

Daniel Torres

Research Assistant

Engineering Undergrad Student