General information

The regulations regarding small (<55 lb, <25 kg) UAS in the United States is continually being adapted as the FAA addresses the rise in popularity of UAS both commercially and privately.The FAA provides updated information on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) regulations on their site. Whether flying commercially or privately you must register your vehicle: FAA Registration. For more detailed rules reference UAS Registration.

The figure above outlines the differences between flying privately (Section 336) and flying commercially (Part 107). For the latest FAA regulations and a general introduction to drone flying restrictions reference Getting Started. In summary, if you are not flying as a single individual for hobby or recreational use, the FAA mandates that you are a registered drone pilot/Part 107 (part 107 summary) certified. For more information regarding Part 107 certification reference the section below.

NOTE: This is meant to be as helpful guide, but you are ultimately responsible for understanding the FAA regulations and for following safety requirements when flying.

Remote Pilot Certificaton

As stated above, flying a UAS  for any other reason outside of private recreational use requires a remote pilot certification.The FAA defines what is required for Becoming a Pilot and requires a recurrent certification test every two years to keep your certification valid. The FAA also provides an official study guide for preparing for the initial knowledge test.

Although the FAA provides official materials, the team has found the following materials helpful when preparing for you Remote Pilot Certification:

  • 3DR Study Resources: Perhaps the best free resource. Provides a practice exam with real-time feedback and gives a great idea of what to expect when taking the test.
  • 13 Most Missed Questions: Great test specific help. Provides a good heads up regarding hard questions.
  • FAA Sample Exam: Official practice exam realized.
  • FAA Sample Exam Answers: Although the FAA releases a sample exam they do not provide the answers. This site provides a compiled study guide and explained answer sheet.

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